It is exciting to be back in a position where I can provide web-based training and professional developmentto educators.  In this module I planned for a session using the Design Thinking for Educators model then identified opportunities to improve my sessions using the meeting room functionality.

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  • Planning Web-Based Professional Development Using a Design Model
  • Opportunities and Solutions in Web-Based Professional Development

Planning Considerations for
Web-Based Professional Development Sessions

Web-Based Professional Development
Opportunities and Solutions

Professional Learning Environments: Module Reflection

I have been providing training and support in both virtual and physical spaces for ten years.  My current focus is mainly webinar-based training and this module has helped me think carefully through ways to embed active learning theory into my sessions.  I think that a teacher who attends online learning events, as a student, learns more about online pedagogies than her colleague who don't have those experiences.   After her first session, she can tell you what helped her learn then adapt those strategies in her own classes.  

Web-based training is cost effective and can be delivered in a way that does not sacrifice deep understanding.  I completed my Masters of Education completely online, attending synchronous classes and working with teams of teachers all over California to complete projects.  I can say without hyperbole that San Diego State's online program was the most rigorous and beneficial professional learning I've completed in my 17 years as an educator.  I developed skill sets that I employ everyday while applying research-based instructional design and facilitation theories to my teaching. 

Convincing professional educators and administrators of the power of online learning, when done right, is worth the time and effort.  Online learning is cost effective (with many free options), leverages existing technology, allows for greater participation by eliminating place-based constraints, and strengthens technical skills.  With this in mind, by advocating for online learning options for educators, I maintain alignment with my professional values, mission, and goals.