University of CA, Cybertutor Program Coordinator

University of California Cybertutors provided Advanced Placement course test prep and high school course tutoring to students across California using virtual help desks housed in Blackboard and Elluminate Live! to for live sessions . Tutors worked from each UC campus and I coordinated the program from UC Santa Cruz campus. I managed the staff from a distance and supervised student workers on my campus. This was my first EdTech job outside of the public school classroom and it really opened my eyes to the ways technology can be used to support student learning.

This was my first time using a learning management system and virtual meeting room for live teaching. Once I got myself up to speed on the tech used to deliver tutoring, I discovered that the program, now in its 5 year, needed a refresh. The help desks were not standardized and that the quality of resources provided to students varied. Cybertutors needed training on the tools they were using and pedagogical strategies.

We needed to deliver tutoring at the same time we refreshed the Blackboard courses used for delivery. To make the work easier and meaningful for Cybertutors, I created a training course for them in Blackboard. Using this method, they were able to experience Blackboard as a student and iteratively improve their virtual tutoring site and tutoring skills. In one semester, our staff created 32 help desks with standardized navigation and elements while adding their own personal flavor to help desks. Cybertutors learned and practiced using the virtual tutoring room in weekly staff meetings. I also held annual staff retreats to bring everyone together face-to-face. Our program successfully delivered virtual tutoring to students across California until funding became an issue and the unit was closed.