Google Apps for Education and 1:1 Chromebook Administrator

I earned my level I and II GAFE administrator's certificate in my first year as a technology coach for the Santa Cruz County Office of Education's Alternative Education program.  I found that the certification was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of gaining a working knowledge of GAFE's administration panel and spent many hours setting, testing, and resetting functionality to fine tune the administration to meet the needs of this very unique program.  Teachers in this program require a greater level of control over devices than those in traditional schools and together we developed methods to provide the exact level of permissions needed for the teachers' admin roles.

Scope of Work

  • Led technology cohorts to provide training and resources for blended learning in all subject areas

  • Developed help guides, online tutorials, and hardcopy resources for teachers

  • Modeled lessons and activities, drawing on TPACK and SAMR

  • Initiated a collaborative environment to house lessons and activities the teachers share and provide feedback on

  • Managed the distribution and warranty work for Chromebook devices

  • Traveled to sites to teach students how to set up and troubleshoot the Chromebook carts