New School Community Day High School 
Head Teacher, Math Teacher, Sports Coach

New School changed administration after my first year with the school.  I supported the new administrator with the school's redesign by developing processes that increased collaboration among teachers and staff and increased support to students.  

In my role of Head Teacher, I performed duties similar to an Assistant Principal on larger campuses.  In a addition to filling in as principal when necessary, much of my work this year focused on helping to develop processes and procedures to increase communication and share information.  This role was concurrent with my full-time teaching  and sports coaching schedule at New School.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Online discipline referral form:  Enables our staff to collect and share information in real time without entering additional referrals in the permanent student's record.
  • School intranet: Houses a shared calendar, meeting notes, weekly bulletins from the principal, and data team's work.
  • Technology:  End-user support and training.
  • Data Team: Lead teacher, initiated collaboration between our school and another alternative school.