Participation in the Online and Blended Teacher Certification  Course has boosted my ability to design instruction and facilitate student learning in online environments.  Over the last few months, I've acquired online teaching skills, gained awareness of my strengths as an online teacher, and identified areas needing improvement.  The Leading Edge course has also provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with teachers in my county and district.  I'm working with a teacher from the first LEC cohort to design and develop a self-paced remediation math course for students attending an alternative school.  The course, aligned to common core state standards and practice standards for mathematics, provides students with an engaging standards-based curriculum.  

It would have been interesting to pre-assess my readiness to teach online using iNacol’s rubric at the beginning of the course then compare the results with the post assessment at the end of the course. I entered the course with a M.A. in Educational Technology, earned online from San Diego State University, and experience working in an online course yet gained exposure to topic in online teaching necessary for me to be a proficient online instructor.  After completing this course, I’m able to self-reflect upon the areas where additional professional development is necessary including the areas listed below.

  • Tools and methods to hold a successful math class in an online setting, provide small group interaction in synchronous classes, and facilitate project/problem based learning using global collaboration tools  
  • Increase my knowledge of and proficiency with assistive technologies and principles of design for students with audio, visual, and motor coordination impairments
  • Several action items for my professional development list are also identified on the coaching self-assessment chart.

The next steps in my professional development as an online teacher is to participate in training that emphasizes the role and responsibilities of an instructor in an online course such as:  design/develop/enhance an online course, facilitate synchronous and asychronous student interactions, and utilize the LMS’s grade book. After that I will seek professional development that builds my skills as an administrator who oversees a staff of online instru