2 Year District-Wide Common Core State Standards Implementation

District CCSS Website
I assisted with the development and maintenance of resources on the district's Common Core site. There are resource pages for all stakeholders and the Training section houses materials shared in training sessions with teachers and administrators.

District-Wide CCSSM Trainings
As a member of the Educational Services team, I collaborated on the two year plan to roll out common core to a district with over 20,000 students. I designed, developed, and facilitated math professional development sessions for K-HS educators to understand the new standards and helped them shift their instruction and assessment to align with the spirit common core. 

Highlighted Materials

Scripted, half-day PD sessions for elementary and secondary administrators to facilitate at their sites

Unit and lesson planning resources implementing Universal Design for Learning and 21st Century Skills

Participant workbooks designed to increase engagement and collaboration in the workshops

Accountability Resources for Educators and Administrators focusing on non-threatening feedback and self-improvement