Brokers of Expertise & Digital Chalkboard

I was selected to participate in a state-wide initiative designed to make it easier for teachers to find online subject area resources that are aligned to California State Standards. BOE is also the state's training vehicle for the common core implementation.  Several years later I was invited to participate in a research group to revisit the BOE website and make suggestions for redesign to increase use by educators.

My team of pilot teachers worked to locate, review, and align resources to selected Algebra 1 standards. The Brokers site allows users to set up group pages.  I created a group page for teachers in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District to house "the best of the best" CCSS aligned instructional resources. This saves teachers precious time in by providing high-quality supplemental resources so that they can focus on instruction.

In 2016 I participated in a research group to make recommendations for improving the usability of the site during the state's rebranding of the site to Digital Chalkboard.